Non-conformist Vancouver kids are bucking one trend of Pink Shirt Day

They're not wearing pink shirts


Pink Shirt Day a couple years back, where the schools were a sea of pink in support of an anti-bullying message

I got a pretty great note from my kid’s grade 4 teacher yesterday regarding Pink Shirt Day which is, of course, today.

On this day for the past few years we’ve been sending our son to his school in a pink t-shirt so he (and we) can show support for an anti-bullying message.

But this year is different. This year the kids at his school started asking questions of their teachers, the most impressive being “Why do we conform [all wear pink] on a day that’s supposed to be about celebrating diversity?”.

As you can imagine, the note I’m referring to had to do with this very question. And, damn, these kids are thoughtful.

The solution that the school came up with? Wear pink if you choose to support in that manner. Or wear whatever the heck you want to wear, but affix a Pink Shirt Day pin to it. That way the school can collectively say NO to bullying but also say YES to diversity.

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So my kid decided to wear a yellow shirt to school today. And a pin.

What a great city we live in.