This interview with Mr T about curling is the best thing on the internet



Earlier this week the lovable Mr T unintentionally broke the internet in Canada when he began sharing his love for the sport of curling in a series of tweets.

I wrote a quick piece about how I felt he offered hope for humanity, and a number of other outlets shared his wonderful thoughts on one of our nation’s most popular winter sports.

Whoever does the graphics for CBC Olympics was on the same wavelength as I was, as they mocked up a very similar graphic. Our is on the right below, theirs on the left.

And while I’m OK at pushing around pixels and sharing a story and my thoughts, I wasn’t able to lock down any exclusive quotes from Mr T. I didn’t even attempt to, as I knew it wasn’t likely he’d have time for us.

He did have time for CBC’s The Current however, and listening to the interview that Carrol Off did with him brought a lot of joy to my life. Here it is below for your enjoyment.

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