Watch kittens play on this 24/7 livestream from a Vancouver rescue group (VIDEO)


Need a break from whatever it is you’re doing? The 24/7 livestream from a Vancouver-area cat rescue group could be just the distraction you’re looking for.

TinyKittens, which is based in Fort Langley, has been posting video of their foster kittens since 2013.

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Right now the non-profit has two live feeds; one features the adorable cat talents of kitties from their regular group of adoptable young felines, while a second focuses on the cats and kittens rescued from this summer’s devastating B.C. wildfires.

For both feeds, viewers can see updates about which cats still need forever homes, and other details.

TinyKittens operator Shelly Roche explains online that they offer the livestream for several reasons, including to promote spaying and neutering among cat owners, to show what happens behind the scenes at a rescue facility, to encourage volunteering with rescue groups and shelters, to share some of the incredible rescue stories, and to give kids a way to see kittens without needing to have pets at their own home or school.

Additionally, sometimes TinyKittens shares special broadcasts in partnership with their vet to show procedures and surgeries. They also have tons of other videos of their rescue kittens posted on their site and YouTube page.

Okay, but you came here for the livestream of the kittens, right?

Here you go!