This Vancouver Church is Blessing Bicycles, Transit Cards and Shoes


This and 4 other not-to-miss stories from the Vancouver Courier…

1. Holy rollers: Vancouver church blesses bicycles, transit cards, shoes 

Christ Cathedral Church hosted a “bike blessing” this week to kick off Bike Month in Vancouver where cycling has become a religion unto itself. Read more HERE.

2. Chinatown fight over 12-storey condo has deep roots 

In his weekly 12th and Cambie column, civic affairs reporter Mike Howell looks at a controversial condo proposal in Chinatown, which raises issues the neighbourhood has been grappling with for decades. Read more HERE.


3. 7 possible reasons that wicked Lamborghini crashed into that lame fire hydrant 

The schadenfreude-afflicted writers behind the Courier’s Kudos and Kvetches column speculate why a Lamborghini recently made sweet sweet love to a fire hydrant at the corner of Bute and West Georgia. Hint: the Steveston sea lion did it. Read more HERE.


4. Heritage House Tour tickled pink

Listed as one of Canada’s Historic Places and the Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s “Places that Matter,” the Chan family’s pink Edwardian house in Strathcona is one of nine buildings the public can walk through as part of the annual Vancouver Heritage House Tour this weekend. Read more HERE.

5. Vancouver puppy credited with saving owner’s life

Brittany Cosgrove’s 10-month-old Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, Leo, has been inducted into the hallowed, kibble-scented Purina Hall of Fame thanks to his heroic efforts. Read more HERE.

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