If you got a drone for Christmas in Vancouver, DON’T FLY IT HERE


When I got my DJI Phantom 4 drone a few months ago I was kinda stunned at how I walked out of the store with literally no guidance or guidelines on where I was allowed to fly it, or how to. I was asked one question – if I wanted to buy an extra battery – then I handed over my credit card and walked out of the store with an amazing device which captures 4K video and also has the power to bring an airplane down out of the sky, if used improperly.

Tons of people got these as Christmas gifts today, and as more and more people get em Transport Canada has been struggling to keep up with regulation and making sure everyone is safe, licensed, etc. In fact today the Vancouver Sun published this article about how 118 investigations have been launched in Canada into improper drone use, 18 of which are taking place in BC.

SO, if you got a drone for Christmas and are in a similar position that I was (feeling like you’ve got a loaded gun and no idea how to aim it), here is a really helpful thread on Reddit that talks about best practices when flying in Vancouver. The general consensus (and the law) is that you can’t fly in the City proper. The float plane “airport” in the harbour precludes drone flights within 9 kilometres of it, so if you’re thinking of doing some sweet aerial shots over anywhere in the city, Stanley Park, Olympic Village, wherever… DON’T DO THAT. Not only will you put people in float planes and Helijets at risk of death but there’s also a $25,000 fine that Transport Canada could dole out if they catch you.

Below is a map of where you can fly in Metro Vancouver (the spots not blacked out) and, again, here is the link to that Reddit thread that I’m sure you’ll find super helpful. Safe flying!


Also, here’s one of my best drone videos! Share yours with us by tweeting them to @VIAwesome and we’ll post them to our Facebook Page… as long as they’re not shot in no fly zones, of course!